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Eating real in Oakland

21 Sep

Today, we went to Oakland’s annual Eat Real Festival in Jack London Square. After quickly surveying the food options, I first had a delicious Carnitas Taco from Cholita Linda – really good Tortilla, tasty Pork.

After the taco I was tempted to try a Burrito from the Bacon Bacon food truck. Instead, I ate an absolutely delicious Poutine from The Whole Beast. I loved french fries smothered in gravy topped with Smoked Lamb.

IMG_7208 IMG_7210

The final course consisted of a very nice Pulled Pork sandwich from the Prickly Pig. Their BBQ sauce is definitely worth trying.

While walking back to the car I bought some jars of hot and delicious Kimchi from Sinto Gourmet and had  a cup of Ethiopian Blue Nile coffee from Highwire Coffee.

Tasty Portland food trucks

28 Jul

I was recently in Portland for OSCON. As well as delicious dinners at Andina and Yama Sushi and Sake bar I also sampled some Portland food trucks. I had lunch at the SW 9th and Alder pod.


There were lots of food stands to choose from. After wandering around indecisively for 15 or so minutes I decided to first have  half of a delicious grilled sandwich from Savor Soup House.

IMG_6625 IMG_6627

That was followed by a tasty Korean Spicy BBQ pork taco from Korean Twist.

IMG_6629 IMG_6631

And finally, I ate a small bowl of delicious goodness (rice, beans and other things, …) from the The Whole Bowl.

IMG_6633 IMG_6635

Unfortunately, there wasn’t room for Khao Man Gai from Nong’s. Next time….